The Origins

“Famiglie Storiche” association was formed in June 2009 by ten prominent wineries of Valpolicella, the famed wine producing region near Verona. Today, the association counts 13 members: Allegrini, Begali, Brigaldara, Guerrieri Rizzardi, Masi, Musella, Speri, Tedeschi, Tenuta Sant’Antonio, Tommasi, Torre D’Orti, Venturini and Zenato.

These are 13 historic wineries, which have produced wines appreciated around the world for generations, Amarone first and foremost. At the same time, the Famiglie Storiche have also acted as ambassadors for the Valpolicella area, one of the most highly regarded winemaking regions in Italy and the world.

Since 2010 the association has been the owner of the Antica Bottega del Vino, a wine shop in the heart of Verona, which traces its origins to the sixteenth century. Today, the Antica Bottega is still one of the most famous and prestigious wine shops of Verona.

The story of Famiglie Storiche stems from the smallest common denominator – the production of Amarone – and an identification with the land. The credit for the idea of bringing together some of the best wineries of Valpolicella in an association goes to Cavalier Sandro Boscaini (currently President of Masi).

In 2009, a group of wineries with a shared vision joined forces, based on history, artisanship, a love for the land and the will to increase the recognizability of the wines produced in Valpolicella – Amarone first and foremost – at the national and international level.

The Families, today

Amarone perfectly embodies these values. Trusting in the old adage “union is strength”, 10 wineries immediately opted for the idea of an association, whose name, initially, was “Le Famiglie Storiche dell’Amarone”, underscoring the profound bond with the territory and with the flagship wine of the Valpolicella area.

A few years later, following a legal dispute, the Association changed its name to, more simply, “Famiglie Storiche”, while keeping the founding principles and values unaltered.

As the years passed, Famiglie Storiche became 13, and in 2021 they decided to launch a top-to-bottom restyling in terms of communication, realizing, among other things, an institutional video that highlights all the wineries’ common characteristics.

The docufilm

The 13 Families

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