From left: Giacomo, Bruno, Alessandra, Anita, Sandro and Raffaele Boscaini
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Our Amarone is a vehicle for conveying knowledge of our land: it speaks of microzones selected by our ancestors, it reflects the vagaries of the climate (on the vine and during drying) and the different soils. It’s always a harmonious and well-balanced Amarone, however: it needs not be paired with food in order to be fully appreciated.

Masi consistently pursues the highest quality possible, thanks first and foremost to the efforts of its Expert Team, a group of experts in different disciplines that is actively engaged in research and experimentation, also in collaboration with national and international universities and institutes.

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Via Monteleone 26 | 37015 | Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella (Verona)
The vineyard in Campolongo di Torbe