Left: Emilio Pasqua with his daughter Maddalena and his wife Graziella
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Our Amarone expresses the vitality of the heart of the vine, the first to spark off energy, it reminds you of fresh fruit and “good cheer”. We age several different wines in marble cylinders, red marble from Verona, which has no fissures, so we respect the vine’s life cycle, because the wine comes “home” to rest, given that the marble is composed of red clay from the Lessini Mountains and lime.

Musella is located within a 500-hectare natural park with incredible biodiversity and a long agricultural tradition, home to a historic vineyard, where a Steiner-style biodynamic project was started, in which wine “is what we make, and grapes are all that’s in it”.



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Via Ferrazzette, 2 | 37036 San Martino Buon Albergo (VR)