From left: Chiara, Luca, Giampaolo, Carlo, Giampietro, Alberto and Giuseppe Speri.
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Our first Amarone goes back to the Fifties: that’s why it has always retained great respect for tradition. And that’s not all: the vineyard is the true inherited asset of our life in the countryside, so it makes sense to protect it and pass it on to the next generation in the best possible condition, which means natural, sustainable methods, a just and proper way of working, which is fundamental to us.

A “closed-cycle” producer, specializing in only indigenous varietals and only in Valpolicella Classica (just one wine for each designation), this estate remains agriculturally independent, having adopted organic cultivation methods.


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Via Fontana, 14 | 37029 San Pietro In Cariano (VR)
The vineyard in Monte Sant’Urbano